January-February report

January report
In January, the members and volunteers of the «Alternative Movement» liberated 21 victims (14 men and 7 women) and helped them return home. 19 of these cases were related to labor slavery, and 2 — to sexual exploitation.

8 liberated people — citizens of the Russian Federation, 6 — of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 3 — of the Republic of Belarus, 2 — of Ukraine, 2 — of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The age of the victims was from 20 to 55 years, and the time of being in slavery was from 4 days to 4 years and 9 months.

These operations cost $11362.

The most expensive operation of this month was the liberation of two girls from sexual slavery in Bahrain by our volunteers (you can read about this story here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/25553173). These operation cost $6,435. Of this amount, $2,006 was spent on paying a fine for an overdue visa. $2,916 was spent for tickets for victims and for volunteers. $1512 for placement.

Why did we perform this operation?

We follow to the position that if a person asks for help — we must help. If we had not performed this operation, the girls would have been imprisoned or left in slavery.

Total expenses for January amounted to $25,714.

This month, donations were received for $3,669 from 166 people.

The remaining amount was donated by the Chairman of the Movement Oleg Melnikov from his personal funds.

Donations in January covered 14% of the costs.

What were these funds spent on?

— The operation of the release – $11,362;
— Office rent – $2,623;
— Payment to members of Movement and volunteers – $9,722;
— Office expenses – $199.

Why do we pay such a big office rent?

For the permanent functioning of the Movement, and pursuant to the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation for public associations, we rent an office in the office complex «Red October» in the center of Moscow. Due to the fact that we rent an office in the city center, journalists constantly come to us, making reports about the Alternative and the problem of slavery. Due to the fact that we rent an office in the city center, journalists constantly come to us, making reports about the Alternative and the problem of slavery.

Why do we pay compensation to members of the movement and volunteers for participating in the activities of a public association?

In January, 14 members of the Alternative Movement received compensation for their participation in the activities of the Movement. In total, in January they received $9,722.

These members of the Movement constantly take part in the activities of the «Alternative», they form the basis of the organization and systematically perform vital tasks. These tasks include: taking calls on the hotline, legal support of the Movement's activities, coordinating volunteers, working with accounting, maintaining groups in the social networks.

All these expenses are systematic. Every month, Oleg Melnikov, Chairman of the Movement, donates more than 1 million rubles ($ 15,431) from his personal funds.

Currently, the Chairman cannot finance the activities of the Movement in the same amount, which affected our activity in February.

How do we plan to solve problems in this situation?

  1. We are forced to reduce organizational costs;
  2. Reduce the number of scheduled operations;
Despite the above actions, for the functioning of the «Alternative» in the minimum format, $19598 per month are needed: $10,802 for exemptions and missions, $6,172 — compensation of expenses to members and volunteers, $2623 — office rent.

Thank you very much for your support!

February Report
Help received 8 people.

In February, the members and volunteers of the Alternative Movement helped the eight victims of modern slavery.

This is Vladislav from Chelyabinsk who having worked at a plant in Dagestan from August to January, received only 12 thousand rubles; this is Sergey who worked in Dagestan for a year without salary; also five citizens of Uzbekistan: Ahmadali, Shermirza, Dilmurod, Islomjon and Kakhramon who were in slavery in Ryazan. And finally, Edward, whom we took from farms in the South Sukhokumsky district, and then provided legal assistance in the restoration of documents.

In February, 19 applications were received, of which 15 were fully processed. According to 4 applications, there is active legal assistance and legal consultations, drafting of documents for the applicant to submit to the law enforcement agencies.

In total for this month, we spent $12393 to help the victims.

Of this money, $2,975 were donated by our caring subscribers (24% of expenses).

8 people is not enough. There are applications that we can not complete because we do not have money for it. There are currently 13 people in this lineup.

Despite the difficulties, we thank you for your support and continue to work!

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