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Here is the latest information about the Oleg Melnikov, and the group of people he was working with. Information will be continuously updated. You can ask questions at the bottom of the page.
04:00, 11 August

In the evening, a man called our contact in Syria and said that Oleg Melnikov was had been captured. He demanded a ransom, and then removed his contact from the messenger. This was the only contact we had with him.

I would like to warn everyone who is following this situation that there will be a lot of speculation among the Syrian population and the Syrian information field. In Idlib, there are now a huge number of small and medium-sized groups that look and act more like gangs. Each of them wants to earn money, or "hypanut", and they compete for attention with one another.

The only accurate information is from us directly. At the moment, we do not know what happened to Oleg and the group,we do not know where they are now and what happened.

As soon as we get new information, we will immediately notify everyone.
12:00, 10 August

The news that Oleg Melnikov, the head of the Alternative Movement, disappeared in Syria and is uncontactable, has reached and been shared by different media in different ways. Therefore, it is good to clarify the purpose of a trip to a place like Big Idlib. In the Middle East, there are two main types of slavery: sexual and domestic slavery. Regarding this trip, we did not receive any applications to assist those in sexual slavery, but we received about six complaints about domestic slavery.

What are the types of domestic slavery cases Alternativa has received? Citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, or Kazakhstan sometimes marry men from Arab countries. They meet in CIS countries, where the future husband is studying and / or working. They marry, and after the wedding, the couple may have children, and the husband suggests moving back to his homeland. After moving, the women are often trapped. They are forced to do housework, are beaten, and suffer other humiliating treatment. The women cannot leave their families and return home, simply because in this case they will never see their children again.

Sometimes the husbands do not take away the whole family, but take only the children back to their homeland. These cases are both traumatic for the children and for the mothers, because they may not see their children for many years. And this is where Alternativa tries to help.

Many people write that we are helping bring the children of the militants back. That is not true! We deal with ordinary families because it is the official authorities who help the children of militants.

In the Middle East, Alternativa have been working for a month now. Inquiries were made, exact addresses were established, etc. However, as per Oleg's decision, they decided to start on the most difficult case, finishing with easier ones after this.

The group left on 8 August at about 02:00 a.m. Following this, all three scheduled communication sessions were missed by the group: 09:00, 12:00, 15:00.

At the moment, Alternative employees who are in that area are trying to find out what happened to the group and Oleg Melnikov.
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