History from Bahrain

Earlier we reported on the rescue mission in Bahrain on our social media, but we did not publish this story on Patreon yet. The time has come.

Few days prior to New Year 2019, the activists of the Alternativa movement traveled to Bahrain following the request received from two women, who had been sexually exploited there. They could not leave the hotel. Regularly, this type of cases is of embassies competency, but this specific case was complicated by the fact that both women were citizens of Kazakhstan. As we all know, Kazakhstan belongs to those type of countries which make a lot of noise, but when it comes to finding a solution to a specific problem, their officials cannot do anything.

As a result, both women spent about 6 months in slavery. It all started when both of them received an offer to work in Bahrain. Poverty and the sense of hopelessness push many people to travel abroad on earnings. The chance to travel to Bahrain, the country with a warm climate, to work there as housemaids was very attractive for illiterate women, so they decided to use it. Already in Manama, the capital, women faced the fact that both of them were obliged to work out the debt of 10,000$ per person by working as prostitutes.

In time, these debts increased for no reasons. And no one counted how much they had earned. The women were forced to serve several clients per day. In case the woman was not demanded by clients, so did not work - she has been fined by an impressive sum. Therefore, the sum of the debt was only increasing day by day. Throughout the time, they were beaten a few times for "serious disciplinary issues".

After half a year both women ran out of patience and were ready to give up on their lives. One of the women got a congenital disease to worsen, which along with constant psychological pressure could have led to death. One of the victims maintained communication with relatives. However, they could not help her but told her about Oleg Melnikov and the Alternativa movement. The woman sent him a SOS e-mail letter. A few days later our activists were already there, in Bahrain.

Before you ask how we made it, it is very important to have relevant connections with locals. Oleg had it, but we can not publish his real name. This person was very helpful - he provided our activist with contacts of the right people. It was very important to help the victims without applying to the local police because in this case the women would be trialed for prostitution and would spend up to 5 years in prison.

How was the rescue mission carried out?

We came on SUV to the hotel where they had been held. Our activist called the victims and asked them to pack their bags. While the women were preparing for departure, our activist was waiting for them in front of the hotel' lobby. When the activist saw the victims, he met them, put in SUV, and then along with two indifferent to the victims' problem Bahrain men went up to the suite in order to return the victims' IDs. The conversation began. The criminals threatened the threesome, they were also pressuring the issue that the women owed them 10,000$ per person and promised to cause troubles. However, the mission turned out to be successful - activists withheld the victims' documents from pimps and returned them back to poor women.

After that, the red tape had started. At first, we paid the victims' fines for the violation of the visa regime. We consider this practice unfair. Regularly, other countries subject violators to deportation and forbid the entrance for different terms. In the case of Bahrain, it is mandatory to pay an expensive fine.

Nevertheless, The Alternative movement took full responsibility for their release from slavery and also bought the victims return tickets. As for now, the women reunited with their families.

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