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The «Alternative» is an organization that fights modern slavery. The «Alternative» exempts people in Russia and the whole world from all forms of slavery: labor, sexual, «beggarly», etc.
The Alternative was founded in 2011 by Oleg Melnikov. The main task of the organization is to liberate people from various types of slavery. For all the time of organization's existence, 1,300 people were released. Another 2,000 people got home using Alternatives.

Here is the latest information about the Oleg Melnikov, and the group of people he was working with. Information will be continuously updated. You can ask questions at the bottom of the page.

On January 12 the founder and leader of the Alternative Movement, Oleg Melnikov, was awarded an African Excellence Award.

Few days prior to New Year 2019, the activists of the Alternativa movement traveled to Bahrain following the request received from two women, who had been sexually exploited there.

We have already posted reports for January and February in other social networks. But we did not do it in Patreon. Now is March, but better late than never.

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